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Crème de menthe Idola


750ml - 24% alc./vol.

Watch out, it's hot! 🔥

Idola features a brand new flavor that takes us away from the traditional flavors we're already familiar with. Reminiscent of the taste of the famous cinnamon candies, Idola is perfect to drink in both shots and cocktails. The freshness of the mint and the warmth of the cinnamon combine to offer an explosion of flavor!



Born and raised in Montreal, Idola Saint-Jean is one of Quebec's leading feminist figures. She is best known for her hard work obtaining the right to vote and financial autonomy for women in Quebec. In 1927, Idola founded the «Alliance canadienne pour le vote des femmes du Québec», one of the two most important feminist associations in the province. She established a travelling library and an office that offered free consultations for women who needed legal and economic advices. In 1934, Idola reaped the benefits of her efforts and obtained an amendment to the Bank Act that allowed married women to have a personal bank account. In 1940, Idola was recognized as one of the main ally of the victory for Quebec women when Adélard Godbout's government passed the Act granting women the right to vote and to be elected. A dedicated activist, Idola Saint-Jean will forever mark the history of Quebec women in their quest for emancipation.