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Piger Henricus Gin

10th anniversary!

500ml - 43% alc./vol.

By popular demand, this is the highly anticipated return of this fine and classic gin, the first to be distilled in Quebec, but also the only gin in the world to be flavored with parsnip. This special edition Piger Henricus is slowly distilled in small batches from the traditional ingredients that build classic gins - juniper berry, cilantro, lemon peel, angelica root, and cardamom. Piger Henricus also showcases an unusual ingredient, parsnip, and that's what gives this spirit great complexity and makes it so original and tasty. Added raw after distillation, the parsnip is macerated for 72 hours. This gives the alcohol a sweet touch with a slight bitterness and releases a floral scent that subtly encompasses the blend.